Upcoming talks:

For CEO’s with Fran Minogue of Clarity Search – “You can teach an old dog new tricks”

For senior female leaders “Becoming a better version of yourself”

Royal College of Surgeons “Accepting and learning from failure”

Recent publications:

“Making better decisions: How understanding our psychology can stop us falling into the bias trap” policy briefing paper presented at 2016 party conferences.

Written by Professor Peter Kinderman (MA MSc PhD CPsychol AFBPsS), President, Fiona Murden (MSc CPsychol AFBPsS), and Kathryn Scott, Director of Policy and Communications



The Brains Behind Business: Cutting Edge Neuroscientific Research and it’s Application to Business Psychology. In Business Psychology in Action edited by Pauline Grant

publication description“Interested in our brains? Fiona Murden shows us what we can learn from neuroscience findings and what myths to discard”


publication description Matador

publication date Nov 17, 2015

Sept 2015

My chapter “The Brains Behind Business” is currently in publication as part of the ABP (Association for Business Psychologists) book to be launched later this year. It looks at neuroscience and its application to business.

I’m also doing a talk entitled “Leadership in Our Advanced World” at a conference coming up soon, which looks at the mismatch between our brains and how we lead in our technologically advanced environment.

If anyone would like me to run through either topics with a different audience I’d be happy to come and speak.

Other titles for talks I’m currently doing include:

Why looks are more than skin deep!

Why be a whistleblower – it’s not what we’re designed for?

Why the World Health Organisation have got it so wrong. Calories in, calories out is not a simple equation for weight gain and weight loss.

What we still don’t know about human behaviour.

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