Who We Are

Aroka means small points of light shining through woven cloth (Sanskrit) analogous to the potential beneath the surface in every single individual. We intend to help unlock that. 

Aroka formed as a company 14 years ago when founder Fiona Murden was on maternity leave with her first daughter. Having taken a break from working with the company she was previously employed by Fiona was approached by the Chairman and the CEO of a FTSE 100 company to profile the incoming Group HRD, then the Group CFO and ultimately to tender for work assessing and developing the top 100 leaders globally. At the same time an HR director Fiona had worked with previously approached her and asked if she’d come and meet the CEO of her new employer.

Fast forward to today and we have evolved as a company with a team of psychologists and professional coaches focussing our efforts on advising leaders, exec coaching and providing leadership programmes via our suite of digital interactive courses. These courses are enabling us to reach far more people across organisations providing the tools, techniques and coaching normally only available to the top teams to employees of different levels and backgrounds.

About Fiona Murden

Fiona is an occupational psychologist (BSc, MA, MSc, CPsychol, AFBPsS), podcast host and an award winning author who has spent her career working with some of the world’s most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, surgeons, athletes and prominent people from across different industries. Within the organisational context Fiona has worked with companies such as Burberry, BP, Lloyd’s of London, Network Rail, Dr. Martens, Soho House, the NHS, government and charities.

Fiona is on a mission to use her knowledge and expertise to give as many people as possible the opportunity to fulfil their unique potential, to understand their psychological make-up and to be equipped with the tools to navigate life successfully. She believes passionately that this is a right that should be given to all and backed by research argues that doing so would alleviate many of the cycles of poverty and deprivation seen across the globe. As a first step to delivering this Fiona has partnered with the charity Future First working with children, teenagers and young adults across the UK.

Fiona has also written books with the aim of democratising the knowledge shared with leaders. Her first book ‘Defining You’ was published by Hodder & Stoughton in April 2018 in the UK and globally in July 2018. It won self-development book of the year in the Business Book Awards 2019 in the UK and the Axiom Business Book Awards in the USA. Since then she has been interviewed for Forbes, The Sunday Times, Red Magazine, Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, ITV news, the BBC, as well as having written articles for magazines, newspapers and blogs. Fiona’s second book Mirror Thinking: Why Role Models Make Us Human was published on July 9th by Bloomsbury in the UK and globally in September 2020.

Both books are now available in interactive form run as coached digital courses. 

Fiona is a lively, articulate and engaging presenter. Her public speaking appearances include the Institute of Directors, Selfridges & Co., The Cabinet Office, McKinsey & Co. and The Royal College of Surgeons as well as speaking to broader audiences at the American Museum of Natural History, Red’s Smart Women’s Week, The EY Foundation and in 2021 a Tedx at London School of Economics where she frequently speaks to Behavioural Science students.

The first series of Fiona’s podcast Dot-to-Dot Behind the Person launched in 2020 with guests such as Kenny Wilson the CEO of Dr. Martens, Andrea Thompson the editor in chief of Marie Claire and Dr. Tasha Eurich psychologist and New York Times Bestselling author. She has also recorded episodes with Sports Psychologist Louise Jones exploring topics like imposter syndrome, self-worth and performance.

Other written work by Fiona includes a medical paper with Professor Peter Brennan discussing emotional resilience in healthcare. She also co-authored a paper with Professor Peter Kinderman, President of the BPS and Policy Advisor Kathryn Scott entitled ‘Making Better Decisions: How understanding our psychology can stop us falling into the bias trap.’ which was presented at all of the political party conferences in October 2016. Her chapter ‘The Brains Behind Business: Cutting Edge Neuroscientific Research and it’s Application to Business Psychology’ was published in Business Psychology in Action. She also wrote a scientific paper as a result of her Masters research in 2006 entitled Age, Aerobic Fitness, Executive Function, and Episodic Memory which is published in the European Journal of Cognitive Psychology.

She has Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Warwick University, a Business Masters from Warwick University Business School and a Master of Science in Psychology, gained with distinction, from The University of London. Fiona is a Chartered Psychologist and associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

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