Digital Interactive Courses

Enabling you to fulfil your potential – our digital interactive courses are open to anyone – we run them at pre-determined dates throughout the year coached by experienced professionals. They are also available to organisations looking to run cohorts in a B2B setting where they can be tweaked to suit particular client needs.

Defining You

Instead of coaching and profiling being available only to senior leaders, Defining You gives everyone access to the powerful and empowering professional-development techniques. With this insight and self reflection, participants learn to understand and better themselves, create actionable plans to improve their performance and bring them closer to fulfilling your potential. Through a combination of reflective, blended learning, self-paced discovery, instructional sessions, high quality group coaching and psychological insight, a deep and profound life-long learning process takes place.

Over the course of 12 weeks, this interactive digital programme takes participants on a powerful journey and transformative learning experience. Participants complete the course feeling motivated with a clear set of objectives to improve their effectiveness together with a defined and actionable development plan.

Optimising You

Providing a guided tour of the tools needed to optimise performance, enhance emotional resilience and bolster well-being this course is provides participants with tools and techniques which they can use for life. Exploring evidence based approaches and working through which work best for them as individuals this equips participants with a personalised manual for performance and well-being.

Mirror Thinking

Mirror Thinking puts a new lens on leadership based on the science of mirroring and role modelling. Whilst many approaches to leadership development focus on traditional people management skills and personal coaching, the true essence of leadership is distilled through our each and every interaction. However, too often we leave this to chance.

Mirror Thinking provides leaders with the tools they need to reach their potential by focussing on the unconscious aspects of influence that are typically misunderstood or overlooked. It also teaches leaders to become better, more powerful role-models while identifying and tapping in to the role-models they need to stretch their own performance.

This course helps unlock high performance in leadership teams. There is also an adaptation specifically designed for the purposes of supporting women and minorities.

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A percentage of profits from each participant who goes on the course goes to the charity Future First. Future First provide mentors (18-24 year olds) to pupils from the same comprehensive schools they went to (14-18 year olds) enabling kids from all backgrounds with the opportunity to fulfil their potential, have better mental health and improved life outcomes.

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